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There has been an enormous uptick in viral infections since November of last year.  Con-game style viruses can originate on random websites, links, and sometimes social networking sites.  These virulant programs masquerade as antivirus software, system tools and hard drive utilities and will try to mislead you into thinking that your computer is finding multiple viruses or self identifying hard drive failure.  The end game of these bugs is to convince you to buy an upgrade or a product that will fix all the problems they are telling you that you have…  We can often fix these problems the same day you bring your computer into our office.

If you do become infected these days you most likely have a virus that attacks your computer in a way that a system restore or operating system reinstallation cannot fix.  Our staff stays up to date on all the latest trends in threats and is ready to rid your computer of any pest faster than any other service provider.

Other issues we have been quickly dealing with in our office have been overheating issues, hard drive failure, power supply failure, motherboard failures and more.   Hard drive failure is often the worst because we occasionally have to tell our customers that we cannot recover their data and that they may need to send their drive to our drive repair partners for recovery… with a very high market price tag.   Please have a backup routine in place.  If are not currently redundant, stop in or call so we can help make your data redundant and protect against the looming threat of data loss.

One of our existing customers brought in an ancient Macintosh and an Epson 286 computer with a massive 20mb (not gb, mb) hard drive.   If you are one of our customers and you have old hardware laying around, you can bring it in for free and proper disposal… just call ahead of time.

We look forward to keeping this section of our site fresh with this nerdy type of text.  Thanks for stopping by.

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