Current Events

Chrome Bug Allows Websites Unauthorized Use of Microphone

Recently a bug has been discovered in Google’s web browser, Chrome, that can allow websites to listen on a user through their computers microphone. While the defect cannot directly record audio, it can record a transcript of anything it hears using Chrome’s speech-to-text function. This bug has a potential to reach many people, as Chrome […]

Heartbleed Vulnerability in OpenSSL

A major flaw has been found in the OpenSSL library, compromising a large number of websites that use OpenSSL to encrypt web data. Almost one-third of major websites use OpenSSL to encrypt user information (like credit card numbers and sensitive information) that is being passed to their servers. Unfortunately, this vulnerability allows someone to potentially […]

Malware Targeting Job Search Sites

The malware known as “Gameover” is currently targeting employment websites. This trojan is used to redirect users to a fake login page for where it collects the targeted victims data. They do this be injecting a fake login button on on infected computers. Other than the fake login button, the Monster page looks […]

Experts Concerned About the Lack of Security Around “The Internet of Things”

More and more people are using devices that connect to the internet to improve their home. It’s nice to be able to control your thermostat from your phone or receive a tweet when your refrigerator detects that your milk has gone bad. Unfortunately, with the rise of internet connected things, or “The Internet of Things”, […]

Android Malware Found in Apps

At least two apps available in the Google Play store have been found to contain an interesting form of malware. The apps Songs and Prized each contain malware, now known as KageCoin, that utilizes the device as a crypto-currency mining device. Crypto-currency mining is when a device uses a part of its processing power to […]